Words & music

clara rodriguez after performing
Playing Schumann Piano Concerto with the Simón Bolívar Orchestra conducted by Jordi Mora

Clara Rodriguez has successfully devised, produced and performed programmes that combine words, visual effects and piano music which she has performed at the Southbank Centre and other international venues.

Actors that she has collaborated with include Karen Fernald, William Edward Roberts, Trader Faulkner, Susan Porrett, Alberto Rowinsky, Marisela Romero, Susan Wooldridge, José María Garzón, Caridad Canelón, poet Timothy Adès and speaker Miguel Delgado-Estévez.

“Clara Rodriguez is an excellent pianist with vitality, clean technique and command of tonal nuance”.

Lionel Salter. Gramophone Magazine

“A sparkling partnership, with a scorching repertoire from a really romantic pianist, Clara Rodriguez, balanced by Karin Fernald’s cool approach, narrating the life of the great Venezuelan pianist Teresa Carreño, so that we not only get the facts, but the feeling that she has been round the back and seen the funny side of the storm. Fresh air blowing through the hothouse”.

Irving Wardle on Liszt in petticoats. The Times